What we do

Our wood department has extensive machinery with different utilities: saws, mills, drills, polishers… Our trumps, described below, are our own joinery and our flex department.

You can manage the entire production process: development of your ideas, making your models ready for production… We start with a bare board and end with a finished bedroom.

Your products are in good hands!


One of our specialities is sawing wood. We are familiar with all kinds of wood: fibreboard, MDF, parquet, laminate, vinyl… Give us your notes or orders and we will make sure that your material is handled carefully.


Our modern computer-controlled milling machines guarantee professional milling and drilling. Some of the practices of this technique are sample signs for the floor industry and acoustic panels.


Once we have sawed your boards to the right size, they go to our assemble department. This is where we produce frames for chairs, beds and nightstands… Formwork systems and displays are also part of our specialities. We also glue together your samples of parquet, laminate, vinyl and other flooring types to bearers.

We take a lot of pleasure in turning your order into a finished product!


After the assemblage, some of the frames go to our decorating department. Experts turn the frames into beautifully finished bedrooms. We also have our own cut- and stitch department to make your fabrics ready for decorating.

Contact us

Caroline Holsbeek
Sales employee

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Our approach


Our own joinery

One of our biggest advantages is that our wood department has its own joinery with extensive, modern machinery.

Sawing up, splitting, polishing, milling, shorten, drilling… These are just a few of the many different processes that we can work for you.

Within our joinery we also have a department where planks are sawed and nailed to blocks that can be placed underneath all kinds of goods and boards.

We take on any challenge!

Our flex department

Our flex department is amazing in processing all kinds of manual works.

“Flexibility”, the word itself makes the meaning clear, is typical for our department. Our worktables are adapted to your specific order. Labelling, filling goodiebags, preparing mailings, assembling all kinds of parts… You name it!

This department also specialises in making all your sample books, sample signs, sample fans, etc. of parquet floors.

In short, we assemble all the promotion and marketing materials that your marketing department designs.