Gardening, painting and our core department

The green department of InterWest has over 30 enthusiastic employees. They all guarantee professional maintenance of squares, parks, gardens, districts, areas of industry and graveyards. The team is guided by an experienced supervisor that guarantees the highest quality for every task.

We also have an experienced group of painters that studied painting so that you are assured of a professional result.

Our core department has several employees that can perform small and simple tasks for low prices.

Green department

You can count on our green department for digging up and trimming trees, designing green zones, small excavation work, sowing and planting a garden, trimming hedges, mowing grass, etc.


Our approach is both simple and effective: one of our specialists comes to evaluate the tasks and designs a custom-made proposal based on a fair price-quality ratio. Our painters have their own professional equipment.

Core department

As a social-economic company, InterWest has been hiring people with disabilites. Our employees in our core department can perform small and easy manual tasks for you.

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Koen Mees
Coordinator Services

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