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The packaging of a product is an important part of any commercial success. It is therefore necessary to have a good and practical packaging.  At InterWest you are at the right place for a large variety of packing possibilities: overwrapping, display building, flow packing, shrinking, dosing, carton and several manual packages. We also have several possibilities for the packaging of KosherDairy-, KosherPareve- and Halal-products.

Other than these possibilities, we also take care of your basic equipment. Examples of this are: fasteners, labels, producing promotional packages, etc.

We believe quality is important. InterWest not only has a BRC-certificate and a Bio-certificate, but we also package kosher and halal products. Click here if you want more information about quality.


Flow-packing is a packaging method where we wrap foil loosely around the product before closing it airtight and sealing it. Our flow pack lines designed for both individual flow packs and for multipacks.

Film wrapping

When using this technique, we fold plastic foil or paper around your product and finish the sides as if it was a gift. We can add value to this luxurious packaging by making a tear strip so that the customer can easily open the package.

Building displays

We have several years of experience in building displays: from small counter displays to complex, circular displays. You can showcase your products with a display. Looking for a wooden display? We can work on a custom-made proposal from our wood department!


We have several carton lines to package food or your pre-packaged product in a protecting folding carton. We can carton it both horizontally and vertically.


We usually use shrink packaging to make a bundle or several products. InterWest can do this in two different ways: open shrink for sturdiness or closed shrink for the view. We can also provide your product with promo-labels.


InterWest has modern and extensive machinery with screw dosing lines, multiple head balancers, linear balancers and volumetric balancers. There are countless packing possibilities: daypacks, level bags, block bottom bags, jars, cases, etc. both for solid products and for powders.

Manual packaging

Do you have a specific packaging request? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will work on a proposal or alternative that suits your request and numbers. InterWest is constantly investing in new facilities so that we can always offer you a solution.

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