Welcome at InterWest!

InterWest is a company with over 400 employees that delivers customized orders from its sites in Veurne and Diksmuide. Our main activities consist of co-packing, woodwork, services, in-house and loose orders such as putting together your promotional material.

After more than 45 years of experience our packaging department has grown into one of the most prominent contract packers in the Benelux countries. A strong know-how, over 40 planning lines and well over 200 motivated employees are at your service to take away your cares and capacity problems.

With our extensive machinery, our woodworking department can offer you a wide range of services; custom saw, mill, drill, polish… The entire production process is undertaken by our own staff: we develop your ideas, make your models ready for production… We start with a bare board and end with a finished bedroom.

Our activities within InterWest





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